10 Creative survival hacks using coffee filters

As a prepper, it’s important to learn about the many survival uses of simple items like coffee filters. This ensures that when SHTF, you know that you can use coffee filters as a firestarter or a disposable plate. (h/t to UrbanSurvivalSite.com)

Note that for some of the uses listed below, a different item like a paper towel would be better. However, thepoint of this list is to show you what you can do with coffee filters if you don’t have other supplies available after SHTF. Air freshener

Fill up a coffee filter with somebaking soda before tying it closed with some cordage. The DIY air freshener will absorb any bad odors around it.

Place your coffee filter/baking soda air freshener in your room, a tent, in your shoes, or an outhouse. Disposable plate/bowl

This won’t work on soup or stews, but you can use coffee filters as disposable plates fordry foods like a sandwich or foods you forage such as nuts and berries. Firestarter/tinder

If you’re outdoors and you need to start a fire, you can use coffee filters as tinder.

For best results, use a grease-soaked coffee filter for firestarting. Food wrapper

If you run out of Ziploc bags for food storage, you can store and protect dry food with some coffee filters.

Some coffee filters may be too small, so you may have to use three or four of them to adequately cover your food. Glass cleaner

If you wear eyeglasses, you can use a clean coffee filter to wipe them clean.

You can also use coffee filters to cleanphones and other devices. Spray a bit of water, and the glass will wipe clean without leaving streaks and lint behind. Medical compress

If you don’t have abandana for a cool compress for a headache or fever, use a couple of coffee filters instead. Paper/notepad

If you need to draw a map or write down instructions for someone, you can use a coffee filter. Make sure it doesn’t get wet as it will become very fragile. (Related: DIY survival solution: Create activated charcoal at home.) Seed starter

If you have a home garden, you can use acoffee filter as a seed starter.

Wet the coffee filter, then gentlywring it out. Place each seed in the filter about one inch apart and fold down the sides of the filter.

Slide the filter into a Ziploc bag, but don’t seal it. Place the Ziploc bag in a warm place that is not hot. The greenhouse effect inside the bag will help the seeds germinate.

Once the seed house sprouts and is at least an inch long, carefully transplant it into the soil. Toilet paper/paper towels

If you run out of toilet paper or paper towels when SHTF, you can use coffee filters as an alternative. Water filter

In a pinch, you can use coffee filters as a water filter. Use acoffee filter to remove some of the larger debris, such as small rocks or twigs, from the water before purifying it.

If possible, boil water for at least half an hour or purify it with water purification tablets. Where to get organic coffee for your prepping stockpile

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