Mastering food preservation: A quick guide to air-drying fruits

Dehydrating fruits is a great way to preserve food that you grow in your home garden. This method is also a healthy way to make tasty fruit snacks for your family.

However, this method can still be used even if you don’t have a dehydrator.(h/t to

You can either dehydrate fruits and other kinds of foods in the open air or use or an oven. Open air dehydration

Open-air dehydration or air-drying is best for low-moisture items that don’t need the added heat to draw out water. Things like citrus peels and herbs are great for this method.

To air-dry food at home,spread the items on a rack over a sheet pan and put in a cool spot out of the way in your kitchen, or inside your turned-off oven. Just make sure you don’t accidentally turn it on while they are in there.

Citrus peels might take several days to dry out fully, while herbs can take one or two days.

The citrus peels are done when they turnhard and snap if you bend them. Meanwhile, herbs will change color and crumble if you rub them between your fingers.

If the peels are bendy or the herbs don’t crumble, continue to dry them. Store the dried citrus peels and herbs in an airtight container or zipper storage bag in your pantry or the freezer. (Related: Canning, drying and more: The art of food preservation across cultures.) Oven dehydration

Oven dehydration is ideal for foods with more moisture like vegetable scraps, jerky or water-filled fruit that need some heat to help them along.

To oven-dry food, place the items on a rack over a sheet pan. If needed, cut them into slices or smaller pieces.

Heat your oven as low as it will go. Most ovens start at 150 F, but 200 F is fine.

Place the items in the oven for several hours or overnight, depending on the thickness of the items and how much water they have.When the fruits reach the texture you want, turn the oven off and leave them inside, letting the items and the oven cool to room temperature together.

Vegetable scraps for stocks or sauces should be completely hard and fully dehydrated. Meanwhile, fruits and jerky for snacks should be slightly pliable, meaning they’re dry but not brittle.

Store the dehydrated items in airtight containers in the pantry, fridge or freezer. Where to buy lab-verified freeze-dried food

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