Liquid Death giving away $400K fighter jet to lucky winner, unlike Pepsi’s 1990s debacle

A beverage company is giving away a jet to one lucky winner — for real this time.

Liquid Death announced a familiar contest Tuesday where the prize is a $400,000 fighter jet.

“This summer, Liquid Death is doing something no other beverage company has done in history: giving away an actual jet. Yes,” the canned water brand announced on social media, in a not-so-subtle dig at Pepsi’s failure to follow through on the same promise in 1995.

The “100% real jet” — dubbed The Dehydrator and emblazoned with the brands skull logo — is a retired US military Aero L-39C Albatros that was used in training missions.

While the sleek plane does not have weapons capabilities, it can top speeds of 470 miles per hour.

“It’ll relieve you of your bodily fluids and make you empty your stomach,” a Liquid Death-drinker actor said in the promo video.

The six-figure contest is akin Pepsi’s supposed jet giveaway in the 1990s, but the soda company failed to keep its word, resulting in a lawsuit and the famous Netflix series, Pepsi, Wheres My Jet?

Pepsi launched the contest promising a plethora of prizes ranging from baseball caps to T-shirts and even mountain bikes — and a military-grade Harrier jet as the shocking grand prize.

Desperate players bought up thousands of bottles and 12-packs of the soda in hopes of winning the fighter jet before Pepsi finally admitted that the contest was nothing more than a joke.

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“But Liquid Death is not joking at all,” the advert states.

To drive the point home, the water company included the practical question “Is this a joke?” at the top of its Frequently Asked Questions section.

“This is 100% real. You wont have to take us to court to get a jet,” it answered.

Although a pilot isn’t included in the package, the winner will also take home six months of free hangar space outside Chicago, a Liquid Death flight helmet and a year’s supply of the canned drink.

To enter, participants only have to buy Liquid Death products from a brick-and-mortar store and submit the receipt to the company.

Each item is worth one entry, with a maximum of 400 entries allowed per participant.