The Download: Adobe’s AI ambitions, and how work is changing

This is today’s edition of The Download, our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s going on in the world of technology. How Adobe’s bet on non-exploitative AI is paying off Since the beginning of the generative AI boom, there has been a fight over how large AI models are trained. In one camp sit…
The Download: Adobe’s AI ambitions, and how work is changing

The UK is home to AI powerhouse Google DeepMind, a slew of exciting AI startups, and some of the world’s best universities. It’s also where a sizable chunk of the MIT Technology Review team live, including our senior AI editor Will Douglas Heaven and senior AI reporter Melissa Heikkilä (and me!)

We’re gathering some of the brightest minds in AI in Europe for our flagship AI conference, EmTech Digital, in London on April 16 and 17. Our speakers include top figures from the likes of Meta, Google DeepMind, AI avatar company Synthesia, and NVIDIA. Read more about what you can expect in the latest edition of The Algorithm, our weekly AI newsletter, and register for the event itself here.

The must-reads

I’ve combed the internet to find you today’s most fun/important/scary/fascinating stories about technology.

1 Florida has approved a law banning children under 14 from social media
It’s one of the most restrictive measures a US state has passed to date. (NYT $)
+ Social platforms will be required to delete existing accounts belonging to under-14s. (WP $)
+ Child online safety laws will actually hurt kids, critics say. (MIT Technology Review)

2 AI could make society much, much richer
Economists are excited by its potential, but not everyone agrees. (Vox)
+ ChatGPT is about to revolutionize the economy. We need to decide what that looks like. (MIT Technology Review

3 The US and UK have sanctioned Chinese state-sponsored hackers
A 14-year hacking campaign targeted critics, politicians and businesses. (WP $)
+ British politicians are being urged by spies to use disappearing messages. (FT $)