A.I. Beach + Vibes-Based R.T.O. + the ‘Black Mirror’ Quamputer

Generative artificial intelligence can increasingly do the work of creatives — so why aren’t we seeing more A.I. ads and A.I. actors?
A.I. Beach + Vibes-Based R.T.O. + the ‘Black Mirror’ Quamputer

This week, advertisers swarmed the beaches of southern France for the Cannes Lions advertising festival. Kevin says artificial intelligence is all anyone there can talk about, but admits the conference is making him rethink how quickly generative A.I. will take over the industry — despite the buzz.

Then, the New York Times reporter Emma Goldberg on when remote work stopped being the future for tech companies.

And finally: What does the newest season of “Black Mirror” tell us about what’s next for TV?

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