Gazelle’s Dutch-made Arroyo comfort electric bikes are heading to the US. Here’s the lowdown

Gazelle Bikes, a popular Netherlands-based bicycle manufacturer, is reintroducing the company’s Arroyo electric bikes for US customers.

The Arroyo line of electric bicycles, which includes the Arroyo C7 and Arroyo C8, is a comfort e-bike line that likely aligns with the image in your head of a typical Dutch bike.

That means a step-through frame for easy mounting, upright handlebars for a tall and laid-back ride, and big wheels to roll over uneven road material or pot holes.

Both bikes available in this model line include frame-integrated 500 Wh removable batteries that offer a sleeker design, unlike the eyesore of bolt-on batteries that sit on top of the frame. The two models come with Bosch Active Line Plus mid-drive motors with 50 Nm of torque that propel them to a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) on pedal assist. There is no throttle available on these models, so riders will need to select from several different levels of pedal assist that range from a gentle boost to more powerful motor assistance.

The two models of e-bikes also include racks, fenders, adjustable handlebar stems, rear wheel locks and LED lights as standard equipment.

The Arroyo line is popular with those looking for a comfortable, relaxing style of ride experience, as Gazelle North America’s General Manager Ewoud van Leeuwen explained in a statement provided to Electrek:

“We are thrilled to be reintroducing the beloved Arroyo line to North America. This iconic ‘easy category’ bike boasts our most accessible frame and comfortable seating posture, especially appealing for older riders, people with more limited mobility, riders who carry a lot of cargo, or anyone simply seeking a relaxed ride experience. We have preserved the best parts of this bike, from the classic shape to the cushy components, while making meaningful updates, like the introduction of hydraulic disc brakes, to better meet the needs of this market.”

The Gazelle Arroyo C7 and Arroyo C8 offer unique loadouts that will fit slightly different budgets.

The more entry-level Arroyo C7 offers a “lightweight suspension fork” and basic LED lighting, while the higher-end C8 swaps in a nicer unicrown suspension fork and adds a suspension seat post. The C8 also features “fendervision” lighting, where the LED headlight is actually housed within the fender assembly. For transmissions, the C7 gets a 7-speed Shimano Nexus internally geared rear hub, while the C8 has a similar hub transmission in the 8-speed variant. Both bikes offer hydraulic disc brakes.

The bikes are each available in three sizes, with the C7 priced at US $3,299 and the C8 priced at US $3,699.

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