Juiced Ripcurrent S electric bike gets big updates: Larger motor, docking battery, ‘Race Mode’ & more

San Diego-based Juiced Bikes already offered a seriously fun ride with the original RipCurrent S electric fat tire e-bike. But now the company has unveiled an updated 2022 version that adds a number of new components.

The fast and powerful e-bike’s upgrade list starts with a new motor that offers more power than ever for Juiced’s best-selling model.

The new motor carries a 1,000W rating for its continuous power, but it can pull an actual 1,300 watts of peak power during acceleration and hill climbing.

The thumb throttle on the e-bike has been updated to make it more responsive, though riders who prefer to pedal will also get special treatment thanks to the upgraded torque sensor programming in the pedal assist. Torque sensors result in the most natural-feeling pedal assist by applying the motor power based on how hard the rider pedals. Want more assistance? Just pedal harder and the bike is smart enough to sense it.

The RipCurrent S now comes with Race Mode, which we’ve seen on some of Juiced’s other high performance e-bikes. When selecting Race Mode, riders can push past the 28 mph (45 km/h) Class 3 limit on the bike (though this is meant only for off-road riding and not intended for public streets or bike lanes).

As Juiced Bikes founder and CEO Tora Harris explained:

“The RipCurrent S has been one of our best-selling and most popular e-bikes since it was first introduced in 2018. I’ve been excited about upgrading the primary components to make it even more powerful and fun to ride. With the larger 1,000W motor, the acceleration and torque is really incredible. I can’t wait for riders to feel the difference in these performance enhancements!”

The updated Juiced RipCurrent S also receives the company’s new G2 battery pack that was unveiled on the Juiced RipRacer late last year. The battery features a higher waterproof rating and includes a special compartment designed for Apple AirTags to aid in finding a lost (or stolen) battery or bike.

The high capacity 52V 19.2Ah battery boasts an industry-leading 998 Wh of capacity, which Juiced says translates into over 70 miles (112 km) of range. That’s of course the pedal-assist range. Riding on throttle-only will likely deliver around half of that figure, which is still an improvement over most e-bikes that have around 30-50% less battery capacity.

The G2 battery is also designed to fit into Juiced Bikes’ upcoming docking station that lets riders charge the battery from the wall or output the battery’s stored energy to power DC or AC devices.

That innovation is likely an industry first, but it makes sense for such high capacity batteries. We see portable power stations all over the place that rely on big lithium-ion battery packs. Tapping into the existing battery on an e-bike and combining it with an AC inverter to power appliances is an interesting use for all of that stored energy.

Other changes on the 2022 RipCurrent S model include upgraded controller programming and an upgraded fender package with a rear rack, which comes standard on the bike.

The weight capacity of the bike has also been increased to 300 lb (136 kg).

Other nice-to-have’s on the RipCurrent S include a nine-speed transmission, hydraulic disc brakes, front suspension fork, and a bright 1,050 lumen headlight that actually illuminates the road in addition to warning cars of your presence. Most e-bikes come with much lower power headlights that are primarily designed to alert car drivers to the e-bike, but that don’t actually function well for spotting obstacles in pitch-black environments without street lights.

The new RipCurrent S carries an MSRP of $2,699 but is on sale during the current pre-order promotion for $2,499. While the bike is available for pre-order already, it won’t begin shipping until May of this year.

The standard frame is available in three sizes and three colors (black, red, and brushed aluminum), while the step-through version comes in a single size but offers four colors (black, white, yellow, and blue).

The existing RipCurrent S models have been marked down to just $1,999, making them a great deal for anyone who wants a powerful, fast electric bike with quality parts, and who doesn’t need quite the newest piece of kit on the shelf.

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